Redrock Village

Redrock Village
Population: 614
GP Limit: 200 gp
Assets: 6140 gp
Power Center: Conventional (Mayoral)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Redrock Village is an Al-Emberi mining settlement on the periphery of Redrock, in the Southern Seas. The structures in the village are made of adobe and designed like boxes. The eastern road leads to the town of Ash Shimayah, the western road leads to the capital, Culdail, and the southern road leads to the village of Ma’aniq.


The Bent Sword

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The Bent Sword is the shop of Bashar, the village smith. He shares space with his nephew Jaral, the new village leather-worker.

Hall of the Hunt

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The Hall of the Hunt is the meeting place for the village’s hunters.

The Lost Whaler

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The Lost Whaler
Bed (good): 2 gp, 5 sp
Bed (common): 6 sp
Bed (poor): 3 sp
Meal (good): 6 sp
Meal (common): 4 sp
Meal (poor): 1 sp
Ale (mug): 5 cp

The Lost Whaler is the main inn of Redrock Village, and houses most of the village’s temporary inhabitants. It is run by the innkeeper Rashid and his cook, Amir.

Pottery Guildhall

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The Pottery Guildhall is the meeting place for the village’s potters. The guild is run by the guildmaster Sahla

Redrock General Store

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Temple of Shoruk

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The Temple of Shoruk is Redrock Village’s official temple building, dedicated to the Sun god of the Al-Emberi pantheon, Shoruk. Offerings to other deities are often made outdoors. The temple is administered by the High Priest, Sinufah.


  • Hunt Master
  • Innkeeper
  • Master Potter
  • Mayor
  • Priest of the Sun
  • Sheriff
  • Storekeeper

Redrock Village

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