Redrock Monastery

Redrock Monastery is the home of a monastic order living in the heart of Redrock, in the Southern Seas. Centuries ago, after the fall of the Sun Temple, monks created this monastery by carving into the walls of rock.


Redrock Monastery is a two day journey from Redrock Village, at the outskirts of the rock formation. Despite relatively close distance between the monastery and the village, the difficulty of terrain hampers a quick journey.


The monastery is led by Master Sayit, an aging Al-Emberi monk. He is rarely seen by those outside of the inner circle of the monastery. The operation of the monastery has been ceded to his two second-in-commands, Erut and Hamesh. The rivalry between the two is threatening to create a schism in the order.


The wind does not strike out against the rock. The wind redirects, it wears down, the rock may be stronger but it will erode and when it erodes the wind will remain.

The philosophy and combat style of the Redrock Monastery is the Way of the Wandering Winds, a school of martial arts devoted to the redirecting of your opponent’s power.

Redrock Monastery

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